Together on the way

Who am I

A brief overview:

Born in 1975 at the edge of the beautiful Bavarian Forest life offert me different opportunities: I studied medicine and travelled and worked in different places around the world. Since a few years I live in Switzerland, an stunning second home with its world famous mountains. Although I am fascinated by the mountains since me youth  it took me some detours before starting with the mountains guide training. 

None the less I enjoy it now even more to share this profession with you.

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what´s the aim

Everybody has his own focus and preferences - mountain guides as well.

If you want to do extreme climbs or an impersonal guide just to get you up on a top I may be the wrong person.

If you want to spend a good time in the mountains with good conversations, solide teaching of mountaineering skills and interesting tours and climbs in summer and winter you may be at the right address and I am waiting for your ideas or wishes.

You also can benefit from the fact that your guide is doctor as well. 

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Who is invited


Maybe you may need just a guide for one special tour of a personal trainer to improve your skills to become more independent in the mountains. Or you just need some company in the mountains.

If you also set value not only on a good tour but also enriching sharing of opinions and thoughts I would love to join you for a great time together in the mountains.

Somebody who loves mountains and nature or enjoys travelling the world, somebody who is interested in hidden places and different cultures is a brother in mind.

Here some of my memories: